While we have records of Lithuanians immigrating to the United States as early as 1659, organized Lithuanian folk groups are a more recent phenomenon. Some were inspired by a visit to Lithuania or even by a non-Lithuanian spouse who wanted to learn more about her husband s heritage dating customs in lithuania. In the preface he addresses his readers as follows:. However, there is some indication that the folklore movement is declining once more. SHIPPING SPECIAL - While we are happy to absorb reasonable costs associated with this offer (maybe up to AUD$25 - 50), we reserve the right to select the shipping service. Chicago: Lithuanian World Community, Inc. Please contact us if you are considering this shipping method dating customs in lithuania.    *The authors would like to thank Guntis Smidchens and Zita Petkus for their helpful comments on previous drafts of this paper. and What has folklore given to you personally. It seems strange, but only 12 of 36 responses mentioned the period of banning and persecution (1940-1970), which was devastating for folklore. Seven sources were indicated among the Lithuanian respondents. Lithuania lost about a third of its population during the Soviet and German occupations. Only with the abolition of the consequences of Stalinism could a person s spirituality, self-consciousness, self-expression and self-regulation could come out and expose itself. 6 In 1940 after the gulp of fresh air which it got during its 22 years of independence, Lithuania fell victim to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and was incorporated into the Stalinist Soviet Union.

Old immigrants (those who immigrated before the Lithuanian exiles after the incorporation of Lithuania into the Soviet Union) such as Vytautas Beliajus did much to popularize Lithuanian folklore in the United States. 9 Yet, as powerful as the totalitarian regime was, it couldn t force absolute spiritual stagnation. Discussion And Conclusions The hypothesis raised at the beginning of the study is supported by the answers of the respondents. Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that. Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with your order so that we can do what we can to fix it for you. Please allow extra time for deliveries if you live in regional areas (I am sure you already know this. The period leading to the regaining of freedom on March 11, 1990 was called the singing revolution. Please be assured that we have never had a missing shipment, just occasionally delayed. Despite the attempts of the official ideology to destroy them, they have been preserved much better. The folk groups were also an extended family for new arrivals to the area who didn t have family there. According to the data, however, without special training, the third generation looses its knowledge of folklore by 28%. I recommend that you contact us for a custom order which will advise exact postage cost. 7 The fall of freedom in Lithuania was followed by catastrophe in the spiritual sphere. Dalia Dzikas, the Festival s artistic director, explained the differing aims: Before, our primary goal was political - to help Lithuania become free.

This drive was finally expressed politically in June 1988 with the beginning of the reform movement Sąjūdis. It was in Prussia that the investigation of Lithuanian folklore was first undertaken methodically. The data showed that only 8% of the population considered themselves outsiders, others were more or less engaged in political life- often through folklore..
. One couple recounted planting birch trees when each of their children were born and another remembered her mother s folktales. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania survived for about 500 years, yet this country lost its independence because it found itself on the crossroads of never-ending wars among European states. The enlightened intelligentsia, which rose from the Lithuanian peasantry, won the nation s freedom and independence especially during the period of National Rebirth (end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th centuries). ) - Tracked international deliveries are usually within 1-3 weeks. Folk art and folk dancing are the main art forms practiced because they do not need the knowledge of Lithuanian, like folk singing and literary expression do. 16 There were organized Lithuanian choirs, however, and Lithuanians such as Mikas Petrauskas popularized Lithuanian folk dances in the United States in the first decades of the twentieth-century. If any representatives of any political party or movement gathers signatures in the street, wearing a national costume, to my mind, he/she is causing a negative influence on folklore as such. For more details on the general characteristics of the 5 groups. 21 Song and dance festivals also served to kindle feelings of Lithuanianess in both the participants as well as in the viewers. ..


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